Welcome to “In a Nutshell”, the information outlet of Aux Arcs Music (pronounced “Ozarks Music”). Aux Arcs Music was founded to provide music for Concert Band showcasing the deep wellspring of music flowing from the pen of Percy Aldridge Grainger, the 20th Century Australian-American composer and pianist. Since its inception in 2005, Aux Arcs Music has published critically-acclaimed editions of the music of Grainger and others for all levels of concert band, from middle school band to the most accomplished ensembles. Our President, Chalon Ragsdale, has made presentations on the music of Percy Grainger on college campuses;  in Tokyo for Japan’s first Grainger Festival; at the Grainger Museum in Melbourne, Australia for patrons of the Grainger Museum;  for Divisional and National Conventions of the College Band Directors National Association; and for the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic. In 2003, Chal was awarded the prestigious Grainger Medallion by the International Percy Grainger Society for “his work in support of the music of Percy Grainger.”

With “In a Nutshell”, Aux Arcs Music moves beyond music publishing, tackling not only the life and music of Percy Grainger, but also his wider philosophy on what he called “The Manifest Nature of Music.”