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Edvard Grieg’s operatic masterpiece Olav Trygvason was never finished, but Grieg (being at least somewhat practical) made piano arrangements of segments of the unfinished opera; Prayer and Temple Dance is one of these. Grieg extracted Prayer and Temple Dance by arranging a little over half of “Scene III” and combining it with material from “Scene I” of Olav.

Our arrangement is in the spirit of that rehashing, although it eliminates the material from “Scene I” and replaces it with more material from “Scene III”.  The arrangement contains most of the exciting segments of “Scene III”, along with a contrasting lyrical section, and will give band conductors and their musicians an opportunity to experience the wonderful Olav Trygvason music in a less technically difficult or lengthy setting.

“Temple Dance” from Olav Trygvason is a Grade 4, well-suited to the mature high school or collegiate band. Duration 7′.