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The Three Ravens is Nr. 41 of the British Folk-Music Settings. It is “lovingly and reverently dedicated to the memory of Edvard Grieg”, as are all the BFMS works. The piece is originally scored for Baritone Solo and Mixed Chorus accompanied by 5 Bb Clarinets. The folksong The Three Ravens was not collected by Grainger; like Irish Tune from County Derry he found the tune in an existing collection. The harmonization, finished in 1902, captures beautifully the transcendental nature of the text, with masterful use of chromaticism and the Grainger “gliding tones.” 

The Three Ravens is a Grade 4, well-suited for the mature high school or collegiate band. Duration 5′.

Note: This piece can be performed as a standalone work or as a set- Three Tragic Ballads -with Danny Deever and Father and Daughter.