graingerPercy Aldridge Grainger (1882-1961)

Percy Grainger envisioned unique techniques of orchestration for the band by writing for complete families of instruments. His contribution to the orchestration of the Symphony Orchestra was to create a new family of instruments from the mallet percussion, piano, harp, celesta and other keyboard instruments.

The orchestration techniques used in Aux Arcs Music transcriptions are drawn from the scoring practices of Grainger in his major works for wind band and symphony orchestra.

The mallet percussion ensemble plays a major role in the “sound” of an Aux Arcs Music transcription, drawing inspiration from Grainger’s use of those instruments in such works as The Warriors, Danish Folk Music Suiteand Tribute to Foster. The selections will be ideal for the instrumental music program with a strong percussion ensemble.

We think conductors, musicians and audiences will enjoy these selections from Aux Arcs Music.